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[15 Mar 2018|04:44pm]

::take my hand::.

[15 Nov 2017|02:08am]

With you gone there is no reason to even have this any more.  My life has little meaning... I hate that I still let you have this much power over me. I guess I have to stop that now.. let it turn to anger and hate... destroy your memory.. ruin my love for you.. if you were a true friend you would have made sure that I wasn't just trying to push you away. You would have seen that maybe it was a cry for help... but instead you called me a monster and slammed the door in my face. I know that I hurt you. But it could have been saved.. but you just walked away.. I'm sorry that my touch offended you.. I'm offended that you hated it so much.. I wasted my love on you.. wasted my time,  wasted my attention..

::take my hand::.

[02 Nov 2017|01:13pm]

I tried and failed... I have to except that. Laura will never speak to me again. She can also never except me for who I am... it's so sad.. no one is left to read this any more. I loved her so much and now she hates me. All these years and now it's over... what a waste.

::take my hand::.

[13 Jul 2015|04:21pm]

Hindsight is always 20-20.. Does it always have to kick you in the ass❔

::take my hand::.

[16 May 2015|04:48pm]

wish I was out somewhere fun today as long as everyone else is happy

::take my hand::.

[22 Apr 2015|01:17am]

I give up.. :-(

1with me// - ::take my hand::.

[20 Mar 2015|07:44pm]

Trying to come up with options to go to texas..not looking so good..

::take my hand::.

[07 Mar 2015|07:06am]
tomorrow is a new day... crap it is tomorrow...
2with me// - ::take my hand::.

[05 Mar 2015|01:00am]
[ mood | annoyed ]

seriously.. if I don't answer your text Im obviously busy.. Im getting sick of being at everyones beckon call.. but the minute that I want to go out and do something, all I get is silence.. or I cant have my own things going on.. the fuck!?!?!

And why does everyone assume that I have money to pay for everything.. how do you figure?!? Im working more hours for less pay.. damn people this isn't that hard to figure out..

Im getting ready to close the door.. they better hope that they are on the right side of it...

::take my hand::.

[26 Feb 2015|02:33am]
this is it.. Monday if something else happens to get in my way.. Im out... I feel like a fool when people ask me, why its taking me so long to see the dentist.. when she has something happen to her I do everything for her.. but she cant do this for me.. what the hell!?! time is up.. I cant waste my life anymore.. Ive waited long enough..
2with me// - ::take my hand::.

[20 Feb 2015|02:32am]
so I was supposed to go to the dentist toget me tooth looked at after a week of being in pain.. emergency walk in from 8-2.. sounds simple enough.. till your loved one makes plans for you that interfere with you going without telling you... Im so angry.. I doubt she notices or cares.. casino plans are also up in the air for the same reason. Why should I even bother to include her in anything anymore.. she does what she wants.. And that's why I feel so alone..
6with me// - ::take my hand::.

[18 Feb 2015|02:14am]
its hard to be open and intimate when my heart isn't always in it.. I think about all the crap and it makes me pull away.. I wasn't sick, crazy or heart broken before this... why does it have to be that way now?
::take my hand::.

The Test Result [06 May 2014|02:29am]
Ok Its been awhile again.
2with me// - ::take my hand::.

Back again [25 Nov 2013|03:57am]
Its been along time since Ive been on here. Its about time that I started again..
::take my hand::.

[30 Jun 2012|01:10am]
What do I do? stay...? not stay...? should I look to her for something more...? or should I just be happy with what I've got. I hate feeling this way. I hate what I'm doing. I hate myself. But I definetly hate being alone... :-(
::take my hand::.

back again [21 Dec 2006|02:34pm]
[ mood | tired ]

I have no internet at home for the time being. I'll be a library bug till I do. Maybe a miricle will happen for me. Grandma is in the hospital. My mom is sick. Mona is sick, and I'm not feeling too well either. The holiday isn't coming out well at all. But I hope everyone else has a good one.

::take my hand::.

HELLOOOOOOOOO!?! [19 Oct 2006|03:09am]
[ mood | curious ]

Is anyone still using LiveJournal anymore? Or is everybody using Myspace to blog?

::take my hand::.

[24 Jul 2006|01:05am]
[ mood | curious ]

Ask me Any 5 questions you want.
They can be anything you want to ask.
I have answer them honestly and truthfully.
In return you have to copy and paste this into an entry on your LJ

::take my hand::.

[13 Jun 2006|01:11am]
[ mood | tired ]

anyone miss me?

2with me// - ::take my hand::.

[16 Mar 2006|07:37am]
I'm awake...Blah... it's too early for me. I'm still not a morning person. Or a night person.. maybe I'm just meant to sleep. But now it seems that I can't even do that right. I have to go to a sleep clinic next week to see if I have Sleep Apnia(sp?)

Yea! I get to sleep in a strange bed, surrounded by strange people! Blah...

Me sleepy..
2with me// - ::take my hand::.

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